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Why I Created This Blog

I'm not really into social media, and try to actually stay away from it. There's just a lot going against it:

  • even with the best intentions, our rubber-necking human nature makes us focus on the negative

  • focusing on everyone's highlight reel isn't particularly healthy

  • opportunity cost - there's just so much better way to spend time, and better things to read

  • it could just be me, but my perception of social media is just very self-important

I didn't start this blog for "likes" or "shares". I created it as a place to hopefully improve my writing/communication, as well as to capture some thoughts/reflections on whatever I'm reading or working on. That said, I may sometimes direct people at something I write, but that's just to save me the work of having to type something up against.

It also seemed natural to just put it here under an "Aaron Pritzlaff" site. I get involved with different projects, companies, etc - but the thing consistent in all of them is me. =)

I hope what I write doesn't come across as arrogant, or self-important. It's meant to capture things I've learned - much of which other people will already have figured out or written about elsewhere much better than me.

Lastly, some things are useful to put up publicly - things like value-statements, which are meant to serve as a means to keep people honest.

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