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This site is a collection of my projects, thoughts, notes, and photos.

I have a wide range of interests, and would love to be able to call myself any number of things: consultant, developer, architect, data scientist, analyst...

In reality I wouldn't claim to do any of those things exceptionally well. I would hope that I know enough to at least ask the right questions, and talk about them in a way which invites conversation, discussion, and hopefully some creativity!


I grew up in Oconto Falls, a lovely small town in northern Wisconsin where I had access to woods, a pond and a river to explore with great friends and family. Though I didn't appreciate it fully at the time, it was idyllic, and I really enjoy taking my family back as often as I can.

My mother Ellen was a Kindergarten and then 3rd grade teacher, and I can't think of anyone more suited for it. She remains the most thoughtful, kind and generous person I know.

My father Kim ran a land surveying business he called "Aaron Associates" - I guess which is a phone-book version of SEO. I don't think I've ever met anyone else quite like my dad, and I'd like to think I got some of his work ethic. From my early teens I worked for him, manning the range pole on property surveys or "marking line" on Forest Service contracts.

I used to literally run to bring up the backstops, not wanting to slow down the rest of the team - though I doubt those tiny efficiencies come close to making up for the number of his trucks or vans I smashed in my late teens. Sorry dad!

Having had enough of poison ivy and swamps, I was more than happy to pursue my interest in mathematics and computer science in hopes of a "desk job".

I studied Software Engineering at UW Platteville, and finished my studies in Heidelberg, Germany. I absolutely loved the experience, so accepted a developer role with SAP after graduation where I met Jayne.

After only a couple years Jayne and I married, moved to northern England closer to her family, and we're now parents to two wonderful daughters. We feel very lucky to be raising them in the beautiful peak district, though I love bringing them all back to the north woods of Wisconsin as often as we can.

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